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Hymns of the Christian life no. 2

Published 1897

385 numbered hymns, etc. [vocal and piano score, short title header] (indicating title [occasionally also meter], author or origin, composer or source, copyright--some with author [or initials] and date, etc.)--p. [3-296] (nos. 337-385, p. [284-299] title and author or initials only)

Includes indexes : ... to first lines and tunes--p. [297-300] ; ... to subjects--p. [300]

"Copyrighted, 1897, by A.B. Simpson"--verso t.p

Topical arrangement [as indicated in Index to subjects only] : The Holy Spirit [hymns no. 1-11] ; Worship [12-21] ; Salvation [22-75] ; Consecration [76-110] ; Trusting and resting [111-143] ; Joy and aspiration [144-146] ; Divine healing [157-165] ; Working and missions [166-259] ; The Lord's coming [213-260] ; Special occasions [261-279] ; Miscnaelleous [sic] [280-336] ; reprints from Volume 1 [337-383]

"... acknowledgments .... due to ... Messrs. Sweeney, Kirkpatrick and Hood, of Philadelphia; Mrs. Dr. Gordon, and the publishers of the Coronation Hymnal, Mr. E.O. Excell, of Chicago; the Hoffman Music Co., of Cleveland; Messrs. Myland & Kirk, of Ohio,; Mrs. Joseph E. Knapp, Miss Pollard, Mr. J.E. Burke, Mr. I. Showalter, Mr. Hillyer, Dr. Steiner,, Warren Collins, and others .... more especially indebted to Miss May Agnew and Miss Louise Shepard ...."--Pref. [verso t.p.]

"... imperfections ... in this first edition are due to the haste, with which ... the volume was ... [hurried] thought the press so as to be ready for the Old Orchard Convention of 1897 ...."--Pref

First appearance of "What Will You Do With Jesus?" [hymn no. 46]

Buff paperboard binding [publishers' information on front cover] ; cloth spine [patterned sand, bubble or pebble-grain (worn)]

Text block brittle with [soiled] covers detaching ; spine and stitching loose ; pencil markings on back endpapers

F.J. Metcalf's outer front endpapers bookplate [dated] : Jun 2 -1916

Publisher South Nyack, N.Y. : Published by Christian Alliance Publishing Co.
Pages 314
Language English
Call number b21878687
Digitizing sponsor Boston University
Book contributor School of Theology, Boston University
Collection bostonuniversiyschooloftheology; blc; americana
Notes no page numbers

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